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Fleet Telematics

Fleet telematics can help reduce the cost of your business’ vehicle insurance.  Our in-vehicle telematics technology uses GPRS satellites to capture information about location, speed and distance, sent back to you in real time…

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It uses technology to highlight driver behaviour and improves the safety and efficiency within your fleet, with savings on fuel consumption, maintenance and insurance premiums that reflect your lower risk.

We use the telematics data by looking at trends and patterns in driver data to provide effective feedback for clients to devise a plan for required coaching or training, it is therefore normally received in a positive manner to ensure the safety of your employees and improve your claims experience reducing your insurance costs.

Our Driver Risk Management system can help you to get the most out of your telematics service, by providing advice, training, effective reporting and driver incentive schemes.  Our solution requires you to have an approved telematics system from one of our recommended telematics providers. Trial units can be installed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system to your team.

Fleet managers can see fuel savings of 10-15% and payback on the system within the first year.

To help you manage the inherent daily risks of operating a fleet of vehicles, we can support you with:

  • Driver training, to complement your own training with a focus on risk and hazard awareness for your drivers, highlighting those who may need further support.
  • Accident recording cameras – your indisputable witness in the case of an accident.
  • Driver profiling, to help ascertain which drivers are performing best and which drivers need further training. League tables can also be created to help incentivise your drivers.
  • Health and safety consultancy – to identify and counteract risks to your business as well as ensuring you are up to date on the latest health and safety legislation.
  • Fleet management consultancy, to review and suggest ways to get maximum efficiency out of your fleet and control running costs.

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The benefits of fleet telematics include:

  • Driver safety– Telematics systems can be much more than logistics and navigation tools. They have the potential to be a window into the daily safety performance of drivers, and enable risk assessment in the same way on-site personnel are assessed – through observation, feedback and coaching
  • Accident frequency and severity– identify unsafe or risky driving behaviours that can lead to accidents and loss costs. Our telematics solution can show you ways to provide constructive feedback and effectively coach your drivers to help mitigate those risks
  • Fuel efficiency, routing and logistics– Telematics can show how and where vehicles are being used. This information can help establish more efficient routes that may improve customer delivery times, improve driver productivity and even reduce fuel consumption by reducing unwanted stops and idle time
  • Vehicle maintenance– Telematics devices can identify costly or inefficient driving styles that may cause unnecessary wear and tear, and provide advance alerts of potential vehicle problems as well as routine maintenance to reduce vehicle outages
  • Stolen vehicle retrieval – Telematics allow for the tracking of a vehicle’s location in the event of a theft, potentially preventing further theft of its contents or removal of parts
  • Insurance costs – If used effectively, telematics devices can help fleet managers reduce the frequency of accidents which can result in lower loss costs, thereby reducing insurance costs. And, while the presence of a telematics device alone will not impact your rates, using the device to monitor and coach your drivers can lead to a discounted rate


    *  This information is a general guide only.  Adler Fairways will assess your requirements and recommend a bespoke range of insurance solutions to meet your needs.  As part of the quotation process, we will provide full details of the specific coverage, benefits, limits, premiums, exclusions, excesses payable, and any other policy conditions that would apply to the insurance we recommend for you.  We currently only offer cover to businesses registered in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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