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Freeholder or Landlord

Freeholder or landlord insurance encompasses a range of different insurance covers to protect you against the potential risks you face if you own and rent out a house or block of flats…

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Whether you have a rental portfolio or a single property to let, you’ll need more than standard house insurance cover if things go wrong.

The insurance can cover properties let to professionals, students and DSS tenants, and property owner’s liability cover is standard. Plus, if you let your property furnished, contents insurance can be added to protect your belongings.

With different risks and responsibilities, life as a property owner can be complicated. There is a wealth of information, legislation and regulation to keep on top of, plus the tasks of attracting tenants, keeping your properties in good condition, and managing rental payments.

It can be time-consuming and complex, which is why Adler Fairways is pleased to help lighten your load, by professionally and efficiently sourcing the right insurance cover for your precise needs.

We can help advise which of freeholder or landlord insurance would be suitable for you, and cover can be tailored to your precise circumstances and requirements.

Main policy features *

The flexibility of freeholder or landlord insurance means policies can be tailored to your neds, but typical features might include:

Freeholder insurance

  • Buildings
  • Contents of communal areas
  • Loss of rent or alternative accommodation cover
  • Property owners’ liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance (covering caretakers, for example)
  • Subsidence, landslip and heave cover
  • Engineering cover for communal lifts and boilers
  • Legal expenses and terrorism insurance, as optional extras.

Landlord insurance

  • Includes private lets or lets through an agent, providing you have final vetting of the tenants
  • Option to add reimbursement of rent in the event of an insured risk, such as fire
  • Alternative accommodation should the property become uninhabitable
  • Cover for your buildings and contents during periods of vacancy, such as in between tenancy agreements, upon referral to us
  • Option to insure against accidental damage caused by tenants
  • Discounts available for no claims.

Typical exclusions include:

  • Damage by wet or dry rot
  • Restricted cover when your property is unoccupied
  • Damage due to a fault or limit of design, manufacture or installation. In particular there is no cover for damage to underground services that do not work because they are worn out
  • The cost of replacing any undamaged items, which form part of a set, suite or item of a uniform nature
  • Loss or damage to your buildings from any cause not listed in the policy booklet – but wider cover is available with the accidental damage option.

    *  This information is a general guide only.  Adler Fairways will assess your requirements and recommend a bespoke range of insurance solutions to meet your needs.  As part of the quotation process, we will provide full details of the specific coverage, benefits, limits, premiums, exclusions, excesses payable, and any other policy conditions that would apply to the insurance we recommend for you.  We currently only offer cover to businesses registered in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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