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We understand that no two manufacturers are alike, so your insurance package should be as unique as you are. Our tailored solutions allow you to rest assured that every aspect of your business is protected…

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Just because your insurance needs are complex, doesn’t mean arranging cover has to be. We work with our key partners to provide a range of insurances to ensure that your cover is comprehensive.  We can:

  • Provide complete insurance solutions for manufacturing companies
  • Supply expert advice on a range of policies to secure the right cover
  • Offer bespoke manufacturers insurance solutions
  • Handle complex claims across your insurance programme
  • Offer a comprehensive risk management service.

Manufacturing includes various different types of industry, therefore your policy coverage will be dependent upon your business needs, but will typically include:

  • Property; protection for your assets e.g. your premises, plant, machinery, contents and stock on a “all risks comprehensive coverage”
  • Business Interruption; a cover bespoke to the individual needs of your business providing the financial security it would require in the event of a major or even a minor insured loss, including extending to major customers and suppliers.
  • Public & Product Liability (including Financial loss) protecting your business against damage to third party property or bodily injury as a result of the actions of your company or the product you have manufactured &/or supplied
  • Employers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity; if the product you manufacture is from your own design this coverage will protect you against any potential financial damages claimed by a third party arising out of your negligence in the design, including errors or omissions.
  • Contract Works; if your services extend to installing the product you manufacture, then it is possible to extend the coverage for the products, material and equipment used therein during installation process, through to formal handover to your customer.
    Products liability, should any of your products cause harm to a member of the public

In most packages, we can provide additional support for your business such as inspection services, guidance on how to prevent claims and damages, and templates to assist you in creating business continuity plans.

    *  This information is a general guide only.  Adler Fairways will assess your requirements and recommend a bespoke range of insurance solutions to meet your needs.  As part of the quotation process, we will provide full details of the specific coverage, benefits, limits, premiums, exclusions, excesses payable, and any other policy conditions that would apply to the insurance we recommend for you.  We currently only offer cover to businesses registered in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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