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Brexit and Green Cards – July 2021 Update

Previously, we let you know that all Commercial Motor policyholders who intended to travel to the EU after 1 January 2021 needed a Green Card.

We are now pleased to confirm that with effect from 2 August 2021 the UK will be part of the ‘Free Circulation Area’.

To allow sufficient time for the agreement to be adopted throughout the EU and to avoid inconvenience to UK policyholders, we’ll need to continue to issue Green Cards and we advise you to carry one with them for at least a month.

From 2 September 2021 policyholders will no longer be required to carry a Green Card when travelling to/through a country that’s a member of the European community or that’s agreed to follow the EU Directive.

Please note those countries marked * below are outside of the agreement and a Green Card will remain a requirement.

Though a Green Card will no longer be required to travel, policyholders will still need to take their Certificate of Motor Insurance as evidence of their insurance.

And as a reminder:

If you are planning travel that needs a Green Card, an electronic copy or email of a Green Card isn’t acceptable evidence of insurance. This won’t be recognised by foreign authorities.

Adler Fairways still need to be informed of intended travel so we can liaise with your insurer to ensure full cover is in place.

Don’t forget, following changes to the Green Card system on 1 July 2020, Green Cards no longer need to be green. Black and white printed documents are recognised as valid in participating EU countries.

What countries can my clients travel to with a Green Card?

Typically, our Commercial Motor policies permit travel to the following countries, but please call us to check beforehand:

Bosnia & HerzegovinaHungaryNorth Macedonia*
(San Marino & Vatican State)
Czech RepublicLatviaRomania
  United Kingdom

If you have any queries please speak to your usual Adler Fairways contact.